Great Hip Hop of Miami

Hip hop has been a hit since it first appeared on the pop charts in the late 1970’s from the Bronx in New York. Since then, it has grown to massive proportions, never losing its appeal at all. There have been countless stars, flashes in the pan, and huge underground music movements all occurring in tandem. The music is spread so far and wide that it is hard to pinpoint the real origins.

It is miami underground hip hop music that stands out with a particular attitude that people love. The intense, grinding rhythms are loved by countless people right on the scene and around the world. You will find that there are certain groups that have larger followings than others do. Perhaps this is because of talent and the Miami scene combined.

miami underground hip hop music

When you think about how hip hop got started, it was an underground scene and that is the way it grew up. It is influenced now by rhythm and blues, dance, and rap among other music styles. There is a whole fashion that goes with it and even a way of speaking. The slang is unmistakable and the bling keeps on singing to hungry eyes and ears all around.

Miami is a party scene. It is one of the places that people from all around the world go to. The incredible beaches are a draw and its proximity to Cuba has made it a controversial area of intrigue. You can feel this coming out of the music whenever you hear it. Hip hop is a culture, not just a genre of music. If you love hip hop, you will definitely love the underground Miami hip hop.

Get on your dancing clothes and get ready to go out. Maybe have a few drinks or a few coffees and get ready to party.