Squats – so unassuming and yet…

Do you remember as a child sitting on the floor with your legs crossed? Getting up from that position as you get older gets harder. The technical answer as to why is the ratio of muscle power to body weight has started to go in the other direction and so people need assistance to get up.

Apparently the longer you can get up from sitting without assistance the healthier you are.

benefits of squats

How do you maintain strength in the lower body?

One way is the unassuming squat. It does not seem like much but done properly the squat is surprisingly efficient exercise. There are multiple benefits of squats; immediately obvious is it requires mobility, you have to be able to bend at the hip. Next, it works the legs and the core, a squat engages a lot of muscles including the back.

A squat builds lower body strength by building the muscles in the calf, thighs, glutes and core. The good news is muscle burns fat so squats assist you in using more calories. Muscles also burn fat for longer. When you stop running, for example, your calorie burn slows. With muscles, the burn lasts much longer.

You don’t need any equipment

The only thing you really need is a hard surface. It is much easier to do squats on a hardwood floor than it is on a carpet. You should be either barefoot or in flat trainers, that is all you need. You will see machines in the gym if you go there which are designed to enhance the effects by adding weight or difficulty.

You don’t need these. Forgo the gym, eschew fancy equipment, but still go ahead and practice a few squats in the kitchen while you wait for the coffee to brew.